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Начало Изкуствени примамки Воблери Воблер Ружно Паче - Fantasy 7J

Воблер Ружно Паче - Fantasy 7J

Цена: 13.50лв.
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Воблери за риболов на сом, бяла риба и щука. Подходящи са както за риболов от бега така и за тролинг.

Размер: 7cm

Тегло: 10g

Тип: потъващ

Ружно Паче - Fantasy 7J:
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Воблер Ружно Паче - Fantasy 7J

This lures are still very useful in the usual cast and retrieve manner. When fishing for large fresh water predators, such as big salmonid, some of these lures are an absolute must in your tackle box. To reach those deep turbulent spots, put them on a braided line and search the river downstream. With wide action and deep diving, they attract fish from long distances. Jointed model features extreme sensitivity and lively action - a snack for large minnow feeding species. Designed to be used as a wide range bait, this lure is attractive for different species from perch through pike, up to catfish. That makes them a universal tool for doubting situations.