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Чеснова паста Troutmaster

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Чеснова паста Troutmaster

On many European trout ponds one could not imagine fishing without trout dough these days. On many of those ponds you would not even catch fish if you would be fishing with conventional live bait instead.


We set ourselves the objective to develop environmentally friendly dough with sinking properties and a very strong attracting flavour. We selected for garlic because it caught us more fish than other flavours we used during the test phase. Static float fishing but also trolling for trout enjoy the angler’s preference, not in the least because they often produce most fish, especially with today’s advanced modern fishing methods. The TroutMaster Garlic Bait slowly dissolves in water. When static fishing this spreads a cloud of attractants and fragrance, full of attraction and when trolling it leaves a strong garlic scent trail. Trout simply cannot resist!


Troutmaster Garlic Paste

Besides the new pellets the range also features the more traditional pots of dough for the angler to determine the volume and color to use for his bait. Also these are garlic flavoured and come in a variety of 5 colors.